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large knot of hairs is often situated in the middle of the
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held at Darlington, April 11th, the president, Dr. C. C. Gratiot, in the chair.
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chloride of calcium or sulphuric acid. The table of Drink-
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of the uterus in many instances, showing the opinion Huguier
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Dr. Risdon Bennett : It is, perhaps, not suflicien'Iy ex-
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vice Fletcher Beach, M.R.C.S.E., L.S.A , appointed to the Hospital for
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display of book-knowledge. Let his writing be exactly what
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Art. II. — Tissue, and its Retrograde Metamorphosis. — By W. J. BuRNETT,
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left eye is turned out and up. (Consult the portraits
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Also: Ztschr. f. orthop. Chir., Stnttg., 1897. v, 109-165.
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County Medical Society, from Dr Stephen Webster (r) at the 1994 annual meeting.
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it continued for a long period, without other evidence of pulmonary dis-
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case which was under observation for several ye&TS at Bellevue Hospital,
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above and draw it down. In the case of limited stricture, when the
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attention is being directed to the spectra of substances used in the
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of the highest rank in Scotland and England, many of whom
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the disease it causes, alcoholism, are the most familiar
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intestines is at last brought on, and stercoraceous matters are thrown
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ment is noted. Operation here should be done as soon
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conception, if practised whilst the female is under the influence of ether-
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response to the milk-protein or more probably the effect of
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natural position, and kept there by the aid of three or four
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again in 1914, one dying of pellagra in November, 1914. These facts
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acetone was less in the one case and the same in the other as in
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in the tube because at each inspiration the abdominal' cavity is
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plete. Cervical haematomyelia, according to its localization, provokes
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March 17. The physicians and the fields in which they
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sote or oil of cloves, and mounted in Canada balsam.
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passed 1200 segments in eighty days, corresponding to a length of
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fect drainage, the visitation as yet exhibits no prospect
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in most cases alopecia areata is due to focal infection, usually
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possibly it is a very common one in aural practice. For the notes of it I am
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was more marked than elsewhere. He had been treated up to
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organ are not likely to be healthy, or, if previously healthy, the uterine
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sembling, and many ladies, besides hosts of the male
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Guardians on theii- next board day, and tlicy gave a verbal order to
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pellagrin in some instances lived in more than one house during the
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artery with a carrying up of the root of the artery so that
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preparation of schemes. The grant-in-aid sanctioned by the

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