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of an extremity around the trunk especially is so common as to

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the screen. These methods are adapted only to young or very thin

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Another symptom of the first stage that is too often

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aiways and in all doses a narcotic and not a stimulant that

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latter exists also on the body breath cool pulse frequent very feeble and

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ble bleeds freely when woimded contains a great excess

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formal invitation being sent by mail announcing the date

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to the brother of a peer of the realm I have myself

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dulness approaching to flatness and increased resistance on percus

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can be sucked out of a wound without mcnnveniencH in attrib

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when the temperature of the stomach was raised. The following

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Casual eow pox in man. When cow pox has been communicated to

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phylline observed in the experiments of Dr. liennett s Committee pro

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are surprised to find that they are getting along very

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Ribes on the anterior communicating artery carotid in the carotid canal

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The points of special interest in the above case are

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fourth day of a mild character gradually increasing

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then the reduction only amounted to grm. per diem an insig

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Tonsillotome An instrument for removing the tonsils Fig..

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COCCUS and pseudonieningococcus of Elser and Huntoon and an

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Fig. shows the same distal end of the instrument the rod having

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rior influence upon the functions of the stomach. The

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by the action of the living tissues the combination

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Southern resort or by an ocean voyage. Some individuals seem bene

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infected by tetanus the antitoxin preventive treatment should be

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had been expelled by hepatization. Several weeks will often be required

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however the kidney became capable of carrying on the normal excretion

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fatly degeneration of the cancerous tissue and forms the so called

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cases. As a rule both the larger and the smaller varieties are present.

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nized but to those of a lesser degree which also may

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color of the tumor to a grayish white. The amount of

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The application of cold compresses changed every ten or fifteen minutes

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incision extended and I satisfied myself that there was no

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Carolina Associate Fellow of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia.

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two years been inconvenienced by an epithelioma one centime

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pads. Although tlie patient was discharged with only one quarter inch

Please ensure that you request your repeat prescriptions from your GP in plenty of time so that you do not run out of your essential medication. The emergency department and walk-in centres should not be used for this.