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3. The third doctrine was advanced by Mr. Henry Lee,+ and resulted
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of the most interesting papers of the series, and the discussion
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When I saw him he was very low, with a distended and
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gangliar spaces. Dr. Potts, in reporting the case, suggests that as the
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of true epilepsy. That insanity often follows epilepsy is
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The effects of lumbar puncture are very transitory, last-
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curetment and applications of lactic acid. Dr. Frank Wood-
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remarks, the births in Wards 1, 3 and 7, the dens'dy-packed residences
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in the left side. There was also considerable enlargement of the lower
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is as tall as the generality of our own nation ; more to the south,
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until the finger is in the bladder — can be fully exam-
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immoderately. She had a singular idea during her whole life ; she was
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predisposing to the disease. The rich suffer equally with the poor. It
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n tSaf pirt, O. 41 >icsan, H. B.; bicgan, O. 44 benlmb, 0. 45 bape,
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tween colotomy and excision. His first figures are decidedly in
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I advised an examination and an introduction of the
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swallowing of small pieces of ice, or gentle gargling several times
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is to avoid u meddlesome interference." There is in truth very
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50 per cent., and the fatal issue is usually due to cardiac failure, but some-
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localities above all others where ringworm is rarest. We cannot
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between muscle fibers, practically no cellular infiltration, and no
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returned gradually, never, however, to be complete. Sen-
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The base is soft, and covered with the same grayish
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drawn as it has been from the personal observation and expe-
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and febrile infectious diseases, such as typhus, scar-
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thetic agents, has been disarmed of all its terrors.
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siderable laceration of the skin and muscles, and even severe fractures, may
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tions referable to the escape of the nutritive fluids — the blood

Please ensure that you request your repeat prescriptions from your GP in plenty of time so that you do not run out of your essential medication. The emergency department and walk-in centres should not be used for this.