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I would indeed spare blood with all caution but not so

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medical legislation will have a most salutary effect

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the patient etherized in order to excise the dead bo

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In cerebellar abscess the temperature runs along near the normal line

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the latter all its faculties conspire to excite the



liers Tortona and Mascagni the celebrated artists of

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by an organism at the time of death occurring from causes

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the neutralizing dose of serum could still prevent the

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merly there were solutions of various strength but at present the

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The rule laid down by Dieulafoy that operation was necessary if the loss

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give rise to hemorrhage from the uterus such as constitutional

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or cerebellar circuit run from the medullary nuclei through the restiform

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the eyes. Examined under homatropine it was found that

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larger amount of chemical knowledge than the average of

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No war can be successfully waged without the use of horses

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mittent fever although living on high land contracted

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fered from slight headache upon arising in the morn

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able to observe any benefit arising from the administration

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pital should have a dentist associated. The treatment should be

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much advantage where the disease aflTccts chiefly the bony portions

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also occurring on the smooth skin and in the subcutis. In

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to be hereafter noticed dependant to a certain extent upon

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of special importance for it was found that about three

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Blood samples were taken during three weeks following the last injection. Testing

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more serious. In individuals who have been given antitoxin previously even

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ma chloasma ami the like but in certain morbid states of

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the nourishment habitually taken. These findings are

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upper lid and standing behind the patient who sits on a chair.

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glairy dike white of egg discharge discharge most abundant in the

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tuberculosis because that form of infection commonly attacks the intestines.

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stances precipitated by phosphotungstic acid whiph does not however

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The prognosis depends much upon the quantity of infected meat which

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present knowledge put into jractice in hindering the

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one month the other for two months with strikingly good

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retary s report and presentation of prizes and the conferring of

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surrounding an exudate become firmer. The rest should

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The masterly and exhaustive work of Sir James Y. Simpson on

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