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the right eye was normal. There was no movement of the

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tions less remains to add to the bulk of the excrementitious mass. The

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columnar tissue the processes are short and do not extend

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the. nd of February this was decreased to oz. of Eiweiss milch

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institution of which he had charge had Ijeen cited by

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congested tender ovaries of pregnancy are forcibly compressed

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Elixir calisayte ss. was given three times a day for

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puncture. Should repeated tapping be required in serous efiusions I should

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of ice to the abdomen and the administration of acetate of lead

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The bones are sometimes affected and perforation of the

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fociated with them become in fome meafure torpid by reverfe

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While in tuberculosis of the urino genital tract and especially in tuberculosis

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together and was not sure that there was not a loop

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lish race have inflated the reputation which the careful

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We had a patient who had long suffered from syphilis die

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containing about inhabitants had constant intercoune wiA

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creafed action of the membrane from the flimulus of

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thus we have what is called the definition of a disease. For

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old surgeons we had no idea that it could be used to

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among the cases reported few deal with other than the external

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to forty drof s the next day and sixty drops the follow

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because he approaches to him by his sexuality and is

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effects of scopolamine on the insane to use a combination of

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apoplectic region followed by congestion and rupture of the capillary

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which from its transitory nature and other characteristics absolutely

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the micrococcus which he discovered in the pus the osteomyelitis coccus.

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ment of agriculture. The consultation is confidential and

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may be more severe than in basilar fractures because

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