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hypernephroma. Eecent years have shown by the dose observers that

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exist in the majority of cases and I have known it not to

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the tumor is unusually superficial and beats with great force.

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patient was a man forty nine years old whose skin erup

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The continuously acting afferent impulses are transmitted to the chief

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gymnasium apparatus. Various exercises may be done at home such

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which have invaded the dead tissue cause such discoloration and dis

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ing of the sound side of the patient upward to facilitate

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that it has freed itself from an incubus which has been

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of the fifth nerve. The third and fourth nerves escaped

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incline it cutting edge somew hat toward the eye. so that

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bolism though to a somewhat less extent seventy five

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singular absence of any marked acceleration of the pulse and breathing

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Introductory. The object of digestion as we have seen is to render

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for an excursion to the Paris Exposition next year.

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also exist when by reason of the lesser extension of the process

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fever. In the next place you will often find symptoms of

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