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drugs. Salophen is therefore particularly indicated when gastric
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the bust it is thought that this will be used to estab
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designation implying a special mode of treatment shall
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complete separation of the patient from any contact with representatives of
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which upon consideration would not have been found to be
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performed a resection and the sutured intestine had
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either as a secretion product of these cells or by their metamorphosis
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left fiank. The festal movements were distinct. I de
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The flasks used for the colorimetric method are similar to those de
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prevention of tuberculosis resolves itself into the
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the side lines formed a right angled triangle b Nar
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the medicines are divided into five different classes those in
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improper especially in the treatment of the so called
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any of the acute exanthemata. This reaction is always explained
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structed without any lymph without any plug but simply from
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perimental evidence that a specific infecting agent as such is one of these
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were furnished by medical officers dental officers veterinary officer and
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with the fighting efficiency of the whole and yet sufficient
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perfect development of this property but that this structure depends upon a different
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homes with the outbreak of the disease and the pos
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quantities derived from the tissue in which the deposition
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tion du sue gastrique artificiel sur divers organes chez le
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collateral oedema or rapid and extensive progress of the inflammatory
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bar paralysis due to disseminated cerebral lesions

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