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ing and stooping are painful as is extension of the leg
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The President Reports of Special Committees. Are there
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derma syphiliticum. The evolution of the leucoderma areas from the
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a defective evolution of his glands of internal secretion because of
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of Birmingliam said lie had done within the last six years
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posed to invite them to another soiree at the College before
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probably correspond to the cells found in the boue raarrow iht large
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measles or a hybrid scarlet fever but is now considered aa a
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Extract of Belladonna to the ounce of water may be used instead.
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sary Exper.. In one experiment with a rather strong
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IGtli of September. She had the appearance of perfect
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illustration of this we will take up the subject of
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other of the journals devoted to the subject or to articles bearing on
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foci become ulcerous. After evacuation of the purulent con
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realise that this process is a chemical reaction which follows definite laws.
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sence of the vaginal septum thus allowing the spermato
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measure in Parliament which was the course adopted some
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not been sterilized after Caesarean section. She conceived and three
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liquid oils proper others semisolid fats and others
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ataxia that came under his ol servation. he obtained
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sive use of tobacco in any of its forms. The nicotine
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of popliteal aneurysm could be cured safely and simply
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The traditional description of the symptoms of meningitis is
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nerre supply fibers from ist and ad cervical accom
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It might perhaps seem more in conformity to the order of nature to
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bladder and she died twenty nine hours after oper.ation. On
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cation in the treatment of malaria viz. to overcome
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When prepared agaric ia first beaten then steeped in a solu
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Chorea is more liable to develop in horses of a highly
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plilh it j or aft with regard thereto. Now tis intelligible that God
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tions. Dr. Langworthy has carried through and supervised a large number
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of alcohol. Half of the substance was dissolved. Its rotation
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than worse so that the continued advance of the disease
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to expose the common bile duct. Instead of elongating the incision which
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as is usual in such insurance contracts but in cer
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distention in the pelvic organs. Neuralgia of the sacral nerves may be
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Passive congestion is sometimes called the chemical congestion ane

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