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has been noted and expressed to me in many instances

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is considerable irritability of temper the memory is impaired

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valve and thus facilitates the decision for the most appropriate surgical management

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those physicians who like him never take a vacation

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tion. Since and when Houghton introduced the first satisfactory

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depression was occupied by the tenth rib. The upper surface of

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the benefit of others who may be afflicted with disease

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narrates at length the results of three months work in the new

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the mucosa was more or less thickened. Cases of gonor

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hibited by law from being permitted ever to receive

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the conjunctiva and introducing my finger explored carefully the cavity

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munity Hamilton turned his attention to the fort which he says he

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in any given case to ensure against haemorrhage without the

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recorded many eales fuccefsfully treated by lunar cauftic initrt

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of the Academy and at least four fifths of these would

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Hogyes in this way produced immunity in dogs and in most cases ihe

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these several bodies with an elucidation of the plienom

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and furthermore the condition of the animal was such that I did not

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consisted in a great conoidal prominence over the knee

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effective. Perhaps Haffkine s serum does protect against plague.

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different occasions observed to l e S and per cent. in another

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that such a disease had appeared among their soldiers in

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Fiessinger reported the production of an antiserum to liver and kidney nucleo

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as quite certain. Leydcn also reckons among its criteria the discolorac

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smooth moist glistening and nearly flat. No color. Medium

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piles is an exceedingly painful trouble and may break down the

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blood. Firm contraction of the uterus followed and soon

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take or accept any orders for the sale thereof either by himself

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urinary specialist s examination of gonorrheal pus.

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is never allowed to occur and the consequent necrosis and

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with pus. Virchow who first recognized the nature of the disease holds tlul

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stating that the three greatest causes of constipation were

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for his judgment self possession and manual dexterity. He was an eloquent

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