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permits the employment of the fixed antiseptic dressing for leg
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douche but not more than one such daily and to con
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Mix Dose drachm three or four times a day. jF H Bosworih
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cases which properly should be excluded are those which
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I found him completely prostrate. Tormina in parox
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Dr. Croker then said that he would give any fees which he
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also shooting down the left thigh and into the left
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sitiveness or reactive power of the individual the severity of the irri
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and Cavendish never did that. But Cavendish must have
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places and are gradually converted into fibrous tissue. At an equal rate
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tice of medicine by any other persons than those enumerated in
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of ofl amp cers for and the transaction of routine business.
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stance not much more resistant than orange peel. The substance is horn
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to the septum. Having made out the extent of the free
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It accordingly seemed worth while to determine whether the
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applicable. On microscopic examination of the urine either no blood cor
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tion by endotracheal injection of full doses of anti
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he said they never bred their milch iows and in one
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subsequently the tissues melted down into a sort of pulp and
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lobes of the prostate gland in rats has no effect on breed
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own observations I shall pass by all those discussions of the
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use of it for the influence of putrefaction is able to bring about
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spinal nervous centres for exciting the spinal cord in
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was verjr much lessened. The tumour was extirpated a few days after
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