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of the rooms and halls of the house. Dead bodies were

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to whicli labour and the puerperal state are liable.

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so often witnessed in animals from whom the cephalp

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possibly account to a very great extent for the large pro

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models and plates which he possessed. Besides we had the

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longer found in them especially when they are persons

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peculiar to them they have nevertheless a family likeness which sometimes

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heart of Sesostris transformed into a horny substance. The

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tion to this effect having been made by Marco Paslia the

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elaboration of the specific agents of the malady and indicating

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evidence of the so called parenchymatous changes and

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inheritance bequeathed to us by our animal ancestors. It is no

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off by a trochar in which event consult an experienced surgeon. But

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therapeutic value of the test is obvious and with proper treatment the occult

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sometimes involves the sheaths of the tendons and produces great enlargement

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graphs on special subjects. If there is only time to look

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ampicillin class. However clinical trials demonstrated it is ef

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at the Pathological Society and refen ed to Dr. INfarion

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In the stage of invasion there are chilliness headache pains in the back

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ard discusses pneuraococcic arthritis and Hanes pneu

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quinone it is to be expected that other substances will be produced.

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tion or a morbid condition of the nervous system produced by tobacco coffee

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hospital and are supported hy the state for two yeara

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quently Mr. Anderson presi nted him with the island

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The Counterfeit Money Swindle which is usually con

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Kensington iluseum. These collections of the treasures of

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very remarkable but rather unreadable production of

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properly designated as the German the French and the American. The

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of coagula in the vagina the os externum very rigid the os internum

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and a great quantity of clotted blood were quickly re

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procedures to overcome typhoid carrying are justified

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per eeut. The i reat differenee hetween the mortalitv of the two

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The pulse fluctuated markedly becoming for a short time weak and

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practice matters have been and still often are far worse. Here

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All attempts to find them in Blackwater Fever have failed.

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practised essentially this same method of treatment.

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