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Von AntropoFF A. Ein vcrcinfachte und vcrbcsscrtc Form der Tdplerschen

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cious. He believes that the liability to error of the vast

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sion then coalesced and finally extended down through

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flicted with violent choreic convulsions. Excepting a slight ecchy

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the affection one where the patient appears to be blind drunk

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be. Practical experience has shown that as yet it is

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nuisance tho their frightened mortal contemporaries did

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but the patient may have had headache dizziness and a staggering

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escape of the gas are allowable. Nothing should ob

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between the three groups of men is not so marked but the lowland

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One of the biggest gambles a class takes is the selection of

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he is hopelessly incurable. They had blessings which have been

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his annual report of the Newcastle Infirmary says In

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out of twenty two cases that were examined with the

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uterus which it is very difficult to cure. Dr. Mayer enters

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learned about disease. In one year he and Dr. James

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abscess and the throbbing ceases with the termination of the attack. I have

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followed. He never resorted to the treatment except in

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these diseases could be altogether prevented or very much

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given toward the M.D. degree unless the student complies with this regulation

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cities would undertake it the problem would be solved.

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hospitals than elsewhere. The large mass of illegitimate impregnations

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ive tissue cells on the outer surface of the blood

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crystals are boiled with caustic potash and oxide of lead sulphite of lead

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examined the case obtained a brief history of it and advised the

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ers generally look upon binocular single vision as a

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