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his wife as to the character of Mrs. Hall. Burge said that
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served in feeble individuals and in those with some circulatory disturb
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came away. Since that time she has been perfectly well showing that
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correspondingly wide deviation from the normal arterial arrange
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Eesectiox of the Appendix Vermiformis during the Quiescent
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results in out of cases of dementia precox the three patients in
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sound. Concerning antisyphilitic treatment for tabes he says that
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prise at the present moment for the trend of practical
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Case No. Cocker Spaniel male four years old. Had been
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care the reports issued by these distinguished authorities and for my
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etiology and diagnosis of anthrax as I can add very little to
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amongst children residing in Edinburgh and district.
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away for tho moment by some kind friend. Among these imaginary
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tality increased beyond what it should be. This per
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postoperatively to make sure the diaphragm is freely
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only by treatment directed against it. This suspicion must be present
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and its tendency to recurrence in conditions of lowered vi
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those who do not harbour domesticated tuberculous animals. If
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fee. The result was that the body had to wait four days
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the alcohol must be very much retarded. The latter authors do

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