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vantages, or, if that be too strong a phrase, the greate>t possible
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culosis histogenol has not given very marked results ; however,
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cine in Kingston, Onl., Can., until 1870, with the exception of the years
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Professor of Botany, Materia Medica and Pharmacology in the Univer-
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absolutely motionless to volitional efforts and he cannot cough voluntarily,
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of the right eye is at 45°. I do not believe that the
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recognise the characters of eczema, of psoriasis, or of lichen, at another
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the meeting refreshments were served and the members joined
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From this point of view the " blessings " of the war have been great,
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of Carlisle,t the salmon have increased in size and weight since the
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the heart present. The diagnosis of a congenital car-
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eyes and smiled, which was, I assure you, a great relief
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although lacking the greenish pigment from which chloroma derives its name.
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ing disease to apparently invisible animalia quaedam minuta {Rust.
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him to proceed to the LTnited States and report to the Surgeon-
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Id the chronio disease the cause must he carefully sought out and
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panying constipation and retention of feces or of gas in the cecum and
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whatever being in existence there. With reference to the
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can only move a dynamometer through 5°, and she walks
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surgical disease. The heart was practically the only
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temporal side.. It was a harmless-looking growth, almost free from
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and then are often associated with epistaxis. When involving the bony
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its spiral ganglion are attached. From the point of view of com-
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b. More conunonly chronic inflammatory lesions precctle the
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history of gall-stone disease and the localization of pain in the epigastrium
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of soft, black (bismuth) f;eces with a healthy odor came
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er washes of chloride of soda, or of Condy's } mem.'
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to seven days before death, and ceased only with life. Out of
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occupy my time ? " To answer this [ take to be one of the
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But there are other arguments used in favour of female praa-
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tive infection of either of these sheaths very liable to
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and it’s something always highly informative, is a
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hospital satisfied the community benefit standard by demonstrating
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